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Nationals 2008 will return to the Rat Pack on Labor Day week end. Contact a brother from the Rat Pack for more info.

Rooms have been reserved for Rolling Thunder 2008. Same place as last year. Contact Wingman of the Storm Riders chapter for reservation info.

It is great to see the growth recently. While everyone would like to see our numbers increase it is our policy not to grow without the quality that our brotherhood demands.

Becoming a member of a motorcycle club is a serious step that should only be taken with the full understanding of what it means to wear a patch. True MC's are not just people riding together but a lifetime commitment that has to be earned and not taken for granted. Every member of the Military Veterans Motorcycle Club has prospected, probated, and been reviewed before being offered membership.


Almost every day we get e-mails, phone calls, letters for folks wanting info on how to join our club. Many are from vets who just got their first bike and like the idea of being with other vets. While this is a good thought, many don't understand what it means to join a MC and the type of commitment that will be required. Please do a little research first. Check out various club sites, read some magazines, talk to some patch holders, learn what becoming a member means, then if still interested contact the club and introduce yourself and see where it goes from there.

Once again I have been involved in a disagreement over what "Brotherhood" means. It all came about by listening to how many people use the term. It seems that if you buy a bike, get a leather vest and then go to some event you get to call everyone "Bro or Brother or whatever. To tell the truth except for those of my blood or those wearing my patch no one is "My Brother" period. Hang-a-rounds, prospects, probates, are not my "Brother" and better learn real fast that "Brotherhood" is earned and not given and once earned much is required to maintain. Just my thoughts on the matter and since I do this area I figured I'd share.

Supporter and Family patches are available through Artful Dodger. A lot of work and thought went into the design and production so wear them proudly. Remember when wearing them you represent our club.

We have been getting a lot of requests for links to our web site. Although we would like to accommodate all requests we try to link only with other sites that share a common interest. So if your site doesn't get a link it's nothing personal just something we deemed inappropriate for a link on our site. We will link all MC's and Vet organizations if asked and they offer a reciprocal link on their site.

Everyone kept bitching at me about our pictures. Ok now stop your bitching and check out our new picture pages. Leave a comment in the guest book so I'll feel appreciated........

We have many members either overseas TCB'in or planning on going and you all know we are with you in spirit. If they'd let some of us geriatrics go we'd be there shoulder to shoulder with you. Just keep you heads down and get back to the world in one piece.

Communication is the key to a smooth running of any organization. Our club is no different. If there is any problem and you think something isn't right talk it over with another brother. Many times we take action without having all the facts. Think about it.

We've added an "In Memory" section to our site. Please pay your respects.


If you'd like anything posted on News and Views contact Artful Dodger and he'll take care of it.


Appropriate wear of colors. To some it may not be a big deal, to others it is. Please check the positioning and alignment of your colors, patches, etc. There is a set standard of wear, abide by it. Don't embarrass your Chapter President. Remember your military days and bring your cut into compliance. If you need rules of position contact your chapter secretary.


Meetings are to be posted on the activities link on the National Web Site. If you can't access it, contact a Brother who can.


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