If you meet the following qualifications you are eligible for consideration for membership. You must contact a full patch member to request consideration. You can also contact us via e-mail for more info. In either case the best way to get to know us is to ride with us.

Requirements for full membership are as follows:


2 years Minimum in active duty with Honorable Discharge. Provide DD-214,


Have a valid driver's license with motorcycle endorsement,


Have a 450cc-motorcycle minimum.


Be 21 years of age,


At least 3 months probate,


Be voted in by majority ruling by members at meeting.


Active Duty from the following branches only Army, Air Force,

Coast Guard ,Navy & Marines


Also any person who has served in combat action for any amount of time can waive the 2-year active duty rule.


This applies to any type of combat, war zone, military police action, & Peace Keeping force overseas. National Guard who has been in any combat area may also apply


National Guard or Reservist serving from Sep 11, 2001 to Dec. 31, 2002 is eligible to join due to Homeland Security




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